Bream Horticultural Stick Show

The show was held at The Rugby Club, Bream            
where's Bream?  (it's in the heart of the Forest of Dean)
near Lydney, Gloucestershire on Saturday 17th August 2013
Show opens 2.00 pm
Prize giving 4.00 pm
Over 230 sticks were entered in the 2012 classes  

(from past shows)

A copy of the memorial brass in the 
(now de-consecrated) Church at Newland, 
showing a Freeminer from 
the Forest of Dean.
Jarvis Challenge Shield
Eifion Thomas Cup

Adrian Hutchence Cross Keys Garage Cup
Ron Martin Clearwell Cup
Bream Auto Store Cup
Ross Feeds Cup
Bream Social Club Cup
Raymonds Stores Coleford Cup
Brian Williams Jewellers Cup
Brian Franklyn Maypole Garage Cup
Barbara Carpenter Cup
Ron Kear Palmers Flat Cup
Glyn Gillard Memorial Cup
Newland Valley Cup
Featherstones Bakery Cup
Old Hendre Farm Monmouth Cup
Linda Pearce Cup
Priory Pets and Gardens Cup
Sandra Meek Cup
Andrew Jackson Cup
Trevor Bassett Supreme Windows Cup
Frank Sutton, Parc-Grace-Dieu Long Horns Cup
Dai Jenkins Cup
Bill & Joan Miles Cup
Robin & Jacky Lewis Cup
Rosettes are awarded for 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th in each class

Entry details and rules

Judges in 2013
Geraint Davies
Lanelli, Glamorganshire
Paul Mitchell
of Melksham, Wiltshire

Prizes:  1st - 1 : 2nd - 60p : 3rd - 40p : 4th - 20p  
Points:  1st - 5 points : 2nd - 3 points : 3rd - 2 points : 4th - 1 point

Schedule of Stick Classes, 2011

  • Walking Stick, Wood, 1 piece
  • Walking Stick, Wood, 2 pieces
  • Walking Stick with Stag Horn Handle
  • Walking stick with Horn Handle
  • Thumbstick, Wood, 1 piece
  • Thumbstick, Wood, 2 pieces
  • Thumbstick with Horn Handle
  • Thumbstick with Stag Horn Handle
  • Shepherds Crook, Wood, 1 piece
  • Shepherds Crook, Wood, 2 pieces
  • Shepherds Crook with Horn Handle
  • Decorated Stick with Horn Handle
  • Decorated Stick with Wood Handle
  • Market Stick, Wood
  • Market Stick with Horn Handle
  • Knob Stick, Wood, 1 piece
  • Knob Stick, Wood, 2 pieces
  • Knob Stick with Horn Handle
  • Novice Stick with Wood Handle
  • Novice Stick with Horn Handle
  • Novelty Stick - Wood (new class 2013)
  • Novelty Stick - Horn (new class 2013)

cups and sticks in previous competitions

Sticks racked after judging
before prizegiving

no doubt some comments
were made about the judging!

Entry details and Competition Rules 2013
1.    Entry Fee - 0.20 per stick
2.    Only two sticks per entry
3.    Sticks are to be competitor's own work
4.    Rosettes are awarded for First Second and Third in each class
        Jarvis Challenge Shield will go to the winner with most points
5.    All sticks to be racked by 10.00 am
6.    Judging will commence at 10.30 am (public admitted from 2.00 pm)
7.    Presentation of trophies at 4.00 pm
8.    Judges' decision will be final
9.    Entry forms are available from and must be returned
        by 14 August 2004 to

                    Mr & Mrs B Miles
                    6 Highbury Road
                    GL15 6EE

                   Tel: 01594 562 549