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The Generations In Between
The history of a remarkable family      
This book is  currently out of print
Meticulously researched; a cultural history of photos, letters and memories...
Carmen Bugan, poet and writer; former Wolfson Creative Arts Fellow.
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A fascinating moral tale about the importance of family…
stories of lives that have contributed to the development of our nation…
- Peter Neyroud, criminologist and former Chief Constable.

Of Another Generation
Reminiscences of my youth
Privately published;
Ben recounts memories of his childhood in the after-war years, holiday jaunts, schooldays at an English prep-school and a public school in the 1950s.  The story unfolds with accounts of encounters with a shepherd, pranks on teachers and first jobs, leading up to his adventures in Patagonia as a young man, his time at an agricultural college, and work with a corn and agro-chemical merchant, and the National Farmers Union, and how at the age of 26, with only a few thousand pounds in his pocket, he finally achieved his ambition to purchase a farm.  
Written in a highly accesssible and light-hearted  style, full of anecdotes, reflections and character sketches, this book is a remarkable account of growing up in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Wolfson College, Oxford (1987 ongoing):
Ben retired (31/12/09) after 22 years on the College's administrative staff where for the last couple of years he was responsible for Project Coordination. Previously he served as Development Officer and Head of ICT.  He was granted Membership of Common Room (honorary) on retirement.  He helps out occasionally at the College and elsewhere, with risk assessment processes.
Oxfordshire Probation Trust:

Chairman and Trustee.  The Trust makes small grants to people from Oxfordshire who are on probation, to help them rehabilitate, get jobs or make a new start after periods in custody or whilst on probation.  Typical grants are for clothing or essential household equipment, or other items to help them prepare for employment.   The Trust meets monthly and all referrals are through the Probation Service
and the private sector Community Rehabilitation Companies, which deal with 'low level offenders'.  Elected Chairman 9 May 2016, following the sad death of Peter Patrick.

 AA1 NVQ 2009            MBE 2010

Other interests:  
Agriculture (my first career), building construction and estate maintenance (another career), community development and fund-raising, 
travel, music, dogs, creative writing, poetry.

Past activities:
Oxford City Council Standards Panel (2011 to July 2019):
Non-voting member of the Panel; one of three 'Independent Persons' appointed under the Localism Act 2011 legislation, to advise in complaints against and cases of alleged misconduct by Councillors.

Thames Valley Police Authority (1992 - Nov 21st 2012):
Ceased membership on abolition of police authorities.  Formerly Independent Member (Magistrate Member March 1992 - 2008) and 
member of Complaints & Professional Standards Committee, Resources Committee, PCC Transition Panel, Strategic Property Forum, Stop & Search Project Board, Local Criminal Justice Board, representative on the Oxford Safer Communities Partnership and member responsible for oversight of Oxford City Local Policing Area.  Previously Co-vice Chaiman of the Authority and Lead Member (People and HR), Chair of Property Committee and Lead Member (Police Performance) with membership of numerous committees and panels including the Appointments & Remuneration Committee and the Selection Panel for Independent Members of the Authority and its Standards Committee.

Magistrate (1971 - June 2012):
Now ceased active roles on the Oxfordshire Bench and a member of the 'Supplemental List', formerly
Oxford City & Coleford (Gloucestershire) Benches.  Ben served on Juvenile/Youth and Family panels, on the former Fines Enforcement panel and the Probation Committees of these benches.  He 'celebrated' his fortieth year as a magistrate at a meeting of the Oxfordshire Bench 'Quorum Club' on  20/10/11.

Neighbourhood Return  (2010 - April 2014):
Worked on
the development of a response network, to help find and return to safety vulnerable people who 'wander' or 'get lost'.  Following Lottery and other funding of a pilot in Thames Valley, Northants and LB Waltham Forest, the project was placed under the umbrella of the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network. 7,000 volunteer searchers subscribed, mostly in the pilot areas, but also from further afield.  47% of these had never volunteered before.  Some 400 vulnerable people pre-registered, so searches could be launched quickly if they got lost.  Eleven searches were launched in the period October 2010 to January 2014.  Despite generous support from local authorities and police who were able to contribute to the costs of running the service in their local areas, essential core funding was not found, and the Board of NHWN decided to close down the scheme in April 2014.   

St Margaret's Institute Community Centre, Oxford:
Former Chair of Management Committee & website manager for 14 years, stepping aside in August 2013.  During his term of office, the Community Centre secured its future through the aquisition of a 999-year lease and a refurbishment programme, funded through a successful appeal.

Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust:
Former Council Member and website manager from 2000 till August 2013.  Throughout its life, this Trust has distributed over 3M to Oxfordshire churches and chapels.

St Margaret's Parish War Memorial Appeal
Member of a committee responsible for the restoration of this WW1 memorial, which was in danger of collapse.  The memorial is at the junction of St Margaret's and Kingston Roads in North Oxford.  Responsible for planning applications, fund-raising and the Appeal Website, which also links to its Companion Site at where the history and background of the commemorated WW1 soldiers is documented.  The restoration was completed in time for a re-dedication on 11/11/11.  

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Family History:
Sir Joseph Simpson (1909-1968), Commissioner of Police;
Joseph Simpson (1835 - 1901), anti-slavery activist
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