How To Join - Ladder - Rules

How To Join

We use an automatic ladder website. You simple resgister here and you can challenge people and report results on the website.

Remember: in order to access a squash court outside session times you will need to have a squash permit - application available from the lodge.



A full set of rules can be found on the ladder website here.

  • You score a point by winning a rally on your own serve; 
  • If the server loses the rally, the opponent then becomes the server. No points are scored for this; 
  • A legal serve is made with at least one foot in the serving box, ball must hit the front wall first above the middle red (service) line, and the first floor bounce must be in the opposite rear quarter of the court. There are no 'second' serves.
  • When serving, a player may start serving from a side of the court of their choosing, but then must alternate sides after each point scored, until the serve is lost; 
  • If the score reaches 8 points each, the server asks the receiver if they want to win by 1 or 2 points. 2 points means the first player to 10 points wins (i.e. 10-8 OR 10-9 are winning scores); This does not mean 2 clear points i.e. 14-12; 1 point means first to 9 wins (i.e. 9-8 wins). This does not mean 2 clear points i.e. 14-12; 
  • Both players should agree on 'lets' and 'strokes' (be fair).
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